Pre-Nesting Setup - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

Intergraph Smart 3D Structural Manufacturing

Intergraph Smart 3D
11 (2016)
  1. Bulk load the following Excel workbooks to the site and SITE schema databases in Add, Modify and Delete mode:

    [Product Folder]\ShipCatalogData\BulkLoad\DataFiles\StructManufacturing\Pre-Nesting\AllStructMfgCodeLists.xls
    [Product Folder]\ShipCatalogData\BulkLoad\DataFiles\StructManufacturing\Pre-Nesting\StructMfgCustomClasses.xls

  2. Click Yes when prompted with the following message box.

  3. Open Project Management, right-click the model you are working in, and select Properties.

  4. Select the appropriate Prenesting Process value on the General tab of the Ship Properties dialog. The available options include:

    Pre-nesting (from Molded Forms definition)

    • Allows selection of light parts.

      Pre-nesting (from Detailing definition, if applicable)

    • Allows selection of both light and detailed parts.

    • Manufacturing parts use detailed part and physical connections (if available) as input.

      Production nesting

    • Allows selection of only detailed parts.