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11 (2016)
  1. Click By Plane or Offset Plane .

  2. In the model or Workspace Explorer, select the base plane from which to offset the new plane. The base plane can be a reference plane, a grid plane, or a planar plate system.

    A preview of the selected plane displays. The local coordinate system of the plane displays at the plane's center.

  3. In the Offset box, type the offset distance from the plane and press TAB.

    The plane moves to the new location.


  4. Graphically define the offset:

    1. Click Offset Lock .

      The option changes to unlocked .

    2. Move the pointer to the required location and click.

      The plane and plane coordinate system move to the new location, Offset Lock changes to locked , and the offset value displays in the Offset box.

    3. If an adjustment to the offset is needed, type a new value in the Offset box.

  5. To move the plane independent of its previous definition, see Move a defined plane.

  • You can graphically define the offset with the best precision by also using PinPoint. For more information, see PinPoint in the Common User's Guide.

  • By moving the pointer back and forth over the base plane in the graphic view, you can change the offset direction. You can also change the direction by changing the sign in the Offset box.

  • When Offset Lock is set to locked , the Offset value does not change when the pointer moves.