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Intergraph Smart 3D Structural Manufacturing

3D Design and Visualization
Intergraph Smart 3D

Displays the manufacturing part that you have selected. You can use the standard SmartSketch commands to navigate the file, but you cannot make changes to the file.

File Menu


Opens an existing XML file.

Save As

Saves the drawing as an XML file.

Discard Changes and Exit

Returns to the 3D view.

Drawing Ribbon Bar

Open File

Opens an existing XML file. If you open multiple XML files, those files display on individual tabs in the Part Monitor.


Returns to the 3D view.

Attribute Viewer

Displays marking attributes such as contours and markings.

Show Styles Toolbox

Defines layers for the display of contours, markings, annotations, and references.

View Original XML

Displays the XML in text format.

Part Information text block

This area, located at the top of the Part Monitor graphical window, contains information about the properties of the part. You can customize these properties. Most of these properties are self-explanatory, but the following block requires some description:


Displays the state of the part.

  • Generated - All the steps and rules were successfully applied, and the manufacturing part was generated.

  • Annotated - The annotations on the manufactured part have been edited by the Annotation Editor.

  • Edited - The manufactured part has been edited using the Part Editor. The contours, markings, attributes, or annotation on these objects may have been changed.

Attribute Editor tabs

General tab

Displays the general attributes of the part.

Geometry tab

Displays the information about the selected contour or marking.

Process tab

Displays the process settings values for the part.

Marking tab

Displays the marking settings values for the part.

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