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11 (2016)

This command helps you create customized reports for specific manufacturing objects. These reports can have different file formats (such as *.txt or *.xml). The Custom Processing command gets the object types that can be reported and the processes that create the reports from selected manufacturing objects from a configuration file named MfgCustomProcessOptions.xml which is located in the [Symbol Server]\StructManufacturing\CustomProcess folder.

This command is located on the Tools menu.

Configuration File

The configuration file is centralized at the symbol share location. On the symbol share, the MfgCustomProcessOptions.xml file is stored in the [Symbol Server]\StructManufacturing\CustomProcess folder.

You can customize this XML file to add various reports, by using the following:


The name of the filter set defined by the Identifier.


A filter to the command. The properties set here act as the filter to the custom program.

Process name

A user-defined name of the custom program that creates the report.

Process id

The Prog ID of the custom program to execute.


The output type for the file. The custom command must save this information.


The XML node used to control the different object entries.


XML nodes for one object report type entry.


XML nodes for one custom report entry.

XML Schema

The XML schema has the following format:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>


<object name=" " Identifier=" ">

<process name=" " processid=" " FileType=" " />

<process name=" " processid=" " FileType=" " />



Report Program

The following API interface generates a report.

Private Sub IJDCustomReport_Generate(

ByVal pElements As GSCADStructMfgGlobals.IJElements,

strFileName As String,

eCustomReportStatus As GSCADStructMfgGlobals.CustomReportStatus)

Examples are delivered to the [Product Folder]\StructManufacturing\Data\Rules\CustomReport folder.

Custom Processing Ribbon

Displays the controls used to run a custom processing executable.


Select input objects based on the selection in the Object Type field.


Run the custom processing command.


Clears the selection.


Accepts the selection.

Object Type

Specifies the filter to use.


Specifies the name of the process to use.

Output Location

Specifies where Smart 3D creates the file.