Create a pin jig - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

Intergraph Smart 3D Structural Manufacturing

Intergraph Smart 3D
11 (2016)
  1. Click Pin Jig Command .

  2. Click Select Assembly/Plate Part(s) on the Pin Jig ribbon.

  3. Select the plate part or assembly for which you want to create the pin jig. You can select the part in the model, or from the Workspace Explorer.

  4. If creation of a pin jig has previously failed on the selected plate part, click Define Seams and Butts , and select the butts and seams.

  5. Select the balance method that you want to use from the Balance Method list.

  6. If you select the User Defined balance method, click Base Plane and specify a plane to represent the shop floor for the jig.

    If you select the Most Planar Natural balance method, specify the percentage of planarity for the supported plates to define the base plane.

  7. For some of the balance methods, you can specify the inputs by selecting the User Inputs option:

    Use Select Reference Line to select a seam, knuckle, reference curve, or marking line that passes over the selected plates.

    Use Select Points to select the points necessary depending on the Balance Method selected. These points can be plate corners, end points of seams or knuckles, reference curves, or marking lines.

  8. If necessary, click Remarking Lines to view and modify the remarking lines.

  9. Click Modify Jig Setup .

  10. Using the commands in the Pin Jig 3D View, modify the jig layout if needed.

  11. Click Finish.