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Profile marking sets are rule-based and can be customized by each facility.

When you select multiple objects, you can change the properties that those objects have in common. If the value of the property is the same for the objects that you have selected, that value displays in the ribbon bar. If the values are different, the box for that value is blank. Changing the value of a property makes that the value for all of the selected objects.

User Answers

Select a manufacturing profile marking set from the list. This list is the same as the Marking Set list on the manufacturing profile ribbon.


Displays the parameters for the marking set that you have selected.


You can modify the marking values if necessary.


If the value of the marking set is rule-based, a check box displays. Clear the check box and then select a different marking value if necessary.

Catalog Value

If you modified the value, the original catalog value for the marking displays.

The rules for marking lines, and the symbols they place, are customizable. For example, you can customize the marking line rules to place marking lines at the left, right, or center of the connected part.

Marking Type


User Mark

This is a user-defined mark.


Location line of the profile.

Lap Connection

When profiles overlap, the lap area needs to be marked.

End Connection

When other profiles are bounded to the profile, the end connection needs to be marked.

Fitting Mark Profile

Fitting marks of the profile relative to the location on the plate.

Block Control

This is a user-defined mark.

Reference Planes Frame

Reference plane intersection marks in X direction.

Reference Planes WaterLine

Reference plane intersection marks in Z direction.

Reference Planes Buttock

Reference plane intersection marks in Y direction.

Seam Control

Seam control mark, when the profile is split.

Roll Boundaries

Roll boundary mark in case of a curved profile.

Ship Direction

The profile orientation relative to the ship.


Marking of the margin if applied.

Inverse Bending Line

Inverse bending lines which become straight after bending.

Knuckle Lines

Knuckle location mark.

Profile Hole

This marking type is not currently used.

Built-up PC

Generates a line on the flange or web showing the location of the connected web or flange of a built-up profile.

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