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Intergraph Smart P&ID Drawing Manager Help (2019)

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2019 (9.0)
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To share a drawing with another site, you must first publish that drawing. Publishing the drawing does not grant access: it only freezes a copy of the drawing in anticipation of ownership being transferred. Between the publication of a drawing and the transfer of ownership, the publishing site still owns the drawing and is free to modify it.

Granting subscription access to the drawing gives another site access to the published copy of the drawing; for standalone Workshare, the drawing will be writable at the satellite site, while for connected Workshare, the drawing will be read-only. Assigning ownership, on the other hand, allows the site to claim ownership of the drawing and to obtain the published copy of the drawing for either Workshare mode.

In a standalone Workshare collaboration, drawing ownership controls from which site the host receives a published file of a given drawing. In other words, if a published file did not originate from the site with ownership, the host will ignore it when receiving the latest version of drawings. Only the host can assign ownership, which means that the host can "take back" or revoke ownership of a drawing at any time.

Hosts and satellites can create drawings in either Workshare mode. However, uniqueness of drawing names and numbers is not enforced across a standalone Workshare collaboration.

In connected Workshare collaborations, published files are stored in the database at the publishing site and the Oracle database link is used to transfer published files between sites. In standalone Workshare collaborations, published files are stored in the WSPublish folder at the publishing site and must be manually transmitted to the other sites by e-mail, CD, network share, or other means.