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Intergraph Smart P&ID Drawing Manager Help (2019)

Intergraph Smart P&ID
2019 (9.0)
2019 (9.0)
2019 (10.0)

New items can be created in a project drawing using Smart P&ID.  As these items are added to the drawing, they are automatically claimed by the project.  If your edits to an item cause related items to be modified, those related items must be claimed also.  Moving items and adding labels, for example, can be accomplished without claiming.

When an existing drawing is fetched or checked out to a project, none of the items are claimed.  You will not be able to modify or delete any items until they are claimed.  Use the Claim command to define the scope for your project.  Claim modes include Exclusive and Shared.  Exclusive mode allows only a single project to claim an item.  Using Shared mode, multiple projects can claim the same item at the same time.

You can compare your current drawing with a previous version to locate any differences.  These differences display as change groups.  The change group contains a list of changes that can be made in the current drawing and still maintain consistency.  You can then choose to accept the changes, if needed.  Each change group is marked if it affects items you have claimed.  You should accept, or refresh, all of the changes that do not involve items claimed by you because these items represent changes checked in by other projects.

Items must be claimed before you can delete them.  If deleting an item results in changes to related items, then those related items must be claimed also.