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Intergraph Smart P&ID Drawing Manager Help (2019)

Intergraph Smart P&ID
2019 (9.0)
2019 (9.0)
2019 (10.0)

Allows you to save a batch of selected drawings in a specified file format.

Save options

Folder path — Allows you to type the path to an existing folder where you want to save the drawings.

You can also click Browse to navigate to the desired folder.

Save as type — Allows you to select a file format for the drawings you want to save. The following formats are available:

  • AutoCAD (*.dwg and *.dxf)

  • MicroStation (*.dgn)

  • PDF (*.pdf)

  • ISO 15926 (*.xml)

  • For details of the supported versions of AutoCAD and MicroStation for these formats, refer to the Smart P&ID Installation and Upgrade Guide, Hardware and Software Recommendations under the section Smart P&ID Workstation > Optional Software. The PDF printer that the current version of the software supports is Amyuni 5.5 PDF Converter.

  • The ISO 15926 (*.xml) format is available only if you have a valid license ID and you have run a procedure that activates this option. For details, see Enable Save As XML.

PDF Settings — (Available only when PDF is selected in the Save as type list.) Opens the PDF Settings dialog box to specify settings for the PDF output.

Save filter

Apply display set — Select this check box to enable selection of a display set to specify the layers to which drawing items go when saving to AutoCAD or MicroStation formats. Clear the check box to ignore display set settings.

Active display set — This field becomes active when you select Apply display set. Click Browse to open the Apply Display Set dialog box from which you choose the desired display set.

The display set chosen from the Active display set field is the one used to specify the layers for all selected drawings and this overrides any active display sets that were selected for individual drawings.

About ISO 15926 — (Available only when ISO 15926 (*.xml) is selected in the Save as type list.) Opens an About dialog box that displays version and licensing information for the Smart P&ID Modeler ISO 15926 Export Utility.

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