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Intergraph Smart P&ID Drawing Manager Help (2019)

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2019 (9.0)
2019 (9.0)
2019 (10.0)

Before you can publish a document for the first time, at least one revision of that document must exist. The software finds only those documents that have revisions. If a document has several revisions, the software finds the most recent revision of that document.

  1. Select the drawings you want to issue requests for.

    • This functionality is available only if you have registered the active plant using the SmartPlant Registration Wizard. For more information, see Register from Smart Engineering Manager in the Smart Engineering Manager Help.

    • If you logged on to the authoring tool with a user name that is not defined in the integrated environment, you are prompted to log on when you use this command.

  2. Click SmartPlant > Publish.

  3. In the Publish dialog box, click the Issue Request tab.

  4. In the Issue to box, select the contract to which you want to assign the document or documents.

  5. Under Selected documents, select the documents you want to associate with the specified contract.

  6. Add any additional documents to the Selected documents list by clicking one of the following toolbar buttons:

    • Engineering Tool — Opens the Publish from Engineering Tool dialog box for selecting documents.

    • File System — Opens a standard Microsoft dialog box that allows you to select files. When you select a file with this Select File dialog box, the Document Properties dialog box appears, allowing you to specify information about the file, such as whether it is a new file; the category, type, and subtype of the document; and the name, description, and title of the document.

    • Find — Opens the Find Documents to Publish dialog box, which allows you to search for documents. These are documents that have at least one revision and that were not published after creation of the last revision. For more information, see Find Documents to Publish dialog box.

      The documents that appear in the Selected documents list in the Publish dialog box when it first appears are publishable documents that were selected within the authoring tool before you clicked the Publish command. To remove documents from the list, select them and then click the Delete toolbar button.

  7. Click OK to issue the contract request for the selected documents to the integrated environment.

  8. Start SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client on your computer and search for the published document to verify the publishing process.

  9. Right-click the document in the Desktop Client tree view and on the shortcut menu, click Refresh.

  10. Update the document. For more information, see the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client User's Guide.

  11. Review the issue properties by right-clicking the document and on the shortcut menu, clicking Properties, and then clicking the Issue Request tab to see the issue information. You can also open the document to see the issue information in the title block.

  12. Publish the document with the updated issue information.

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