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Intergraph Smart P&ID Drawing Manager Help (2019)

Intergraph Smart P&ID
2019 (9.0)
9 (2019)
10 (2019)

The software searches for available symbols in the target catalog. A source symbol is available for mapping to the target if the Item Type and the 'Type' property are the same.

For instrument symbols, the software applies the following criteria to determine whether symbols are able to be mapped:

  • Both the source and target instruments must be inline or offline. An inline instrument cannot be replaced by an offline instrument, nor can an offline instrument be replaced by an inline instrument.

  • If both the source and target instruments are inline instruments, they must belong to the same instrument class. Examples of inline instrument classes are 'control valves and regulators', 'other inline instruments'.

In addition, depending on the type of symbol, the software will match the source and target symbols using the following criteria:

  • Connect points — Piping components, instruments, nozzles and OPCs can contain connect points. For symbols that contain connect points, the number and type of connect points in the target symbol must match those of the source symbol.

    The software can map source and target offline instruments even if they have a different number of connect points.

  • Label symbol properties — A label symbol in the target catalog is considered to be available for mapping if the Label Type and the Labeled Item Type properties match those of the source symbol.

  • Gap symbols — Any symbol defined as a gap symbol in the target may match any gap symbol in the source.

Using the above criteria, the software determines whether a target symbol that can be mapped exists. If there is exactly one available symbol, the source symbol is mapped to that one target symbol. If there are multiple available symbols and one of them has the same name as the source symbol, the source symbol is mapped to that target symbol. In all other cases, the software leaves the source symbol unmapped.