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Intergraph Smart P&ID Drawing Manager Help (2019)

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2019 (9.0)
2019 (9.0)
2019 (10.0)

The Import Drawings command allows you to copy drawings from another plant in the same site or a different site.  An import map file is used to match attributes.  The software uses a delivered map file to map any customized attributes, select list entries, and symbols between the target and source plants.  Using the wizard, you can create and save your own map files.  In order to be able to edit the import map file, you must have permission as assigned in Smart Engineering Manager.  Using the Roles Properties dialog box and the Rights tab, you must select the Drawing Management option Edit Import Map in order to be able to edit a map file.

There are several import drawing options also available in Options Manager.  The Import Map Path setting defines where your map files will reside on the system.  The Import Transformation Program controls the depth of the data transformation.  A transformation program is delivered with the software but you can copy and edit the program to fit your requirements.  For example, you could edit the program to clean individual property values, categories of values, or you can flag values that are set during the copy process.

  • Any graphics that have been band-aided should be deleted and replaced prior to using this command.

  • If your target plant uses a shorter data string value than the source plant, the string will be truncated.  For example, if the source plant has a maximum character value of 80 set for a field, and the target plant has a maximum character value of 40 set for the same field, only the first 40 characters of the field will be mapped.

  • If your source drawings and target database use different languages, you are required to use a database created using the UTF-8 character set for unrestricted multilingual support.  For example, if the source drawing name contains German characters, they will be converted to English during the import.  When you try to open the drawing, the physical file will not be found and the product will try to re-create the drawing.

  • When importing a symbol's representation properties, the representation properties are a pure copy of the source symbol.

  • If the import of drawings fails, the reason will be recorded in the import log file and those drawings will not be included in the re-create process.