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Intergraph Smart P&ID Drawing Manager Help (2019)

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2019 (9.0)
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After enabling and creating projects in Smart Engineering Manager for Smart P&ID, use Drawing Manager to manipulate the drawings. Actual design work is still accomplished in Smart P&ID; however, managing and setting out that work is largely controlled from the Drawing Manager interface. Only the project can use the commands on the Project menu in Drawing Manager to fetch, check in, and check out drawings.

Once projects are enabled in Smart Engineering Manager, the As-Built can no longer create drawings; drawings are created inside projects. However, any drawings that might have existed in the plant before projects were enabled remain in the As-Built. All drawing versions in the As-Built are read-only drawings when projects are enabled, but these drawings can still be deleted in the As-Built, unless the drawing is either fetched or checked out to a project. If the plant is registered in SmartPlant Foundation, drawings can be created and edited in the As-Built, except for drawings that are checked out to a project.

When you are using projects inside Smart P&ID, remember that the reference data belongs to the Plant and is used by projects of the As-Built. You cannot change reference data, such as table layouts or formats or rules, at the project level.


Claiming objects on a drawing is one of the main features of using projects in an integrated environment. When a project claims an object on a drawing, the project controls modifications to that object. A project cannot modify objects that it has not claimed.

Projects claim objects in either Exclusive (default) or Shared claim mode. If you plan to use the project in an integrated environment, Shared mode is mandatory. Use the Settings view in Options Manager to set the Claim Mode value before creating a project.

You can change the claim mode to Shared at any time. However, you can change the claim mode to Exclusive only when there are no claims in any project in the Plant.

All the modifications and claiming of objects is carried out in the design software, but the claim states of objects inside drawings do have ramifications for drawing manipulation and for completing projects. You do not need to check out a drawing to claim items on it; you can claim items on a fetched drawing.

For more information about claiming items, see Smart P&ID Help or Smart Electrical Help.