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Intergraph Smart P&ID Drawing Manager Help (2019)

Intergraph Smart P&ID
2019 (9.0)
2019 (9.0)
2019 (10.0)

Controls how a drawing is printed. This dialog box opens when you select to print when viewing or comparing a drawing version.

Name — Specifies the printer that you want to use. You can select from a list of all the available configured printers. The information below the Name box applies to the selected printer. The printer that you select in the Name box is the default printer for the rest of the current design session until you specify a different printer.

Properties — Opens the Printer Document Properties dialog box, which allows you to specify page setup and other printer settings specific to the selected printer.

Status — Describes the state of the selected printer, for example, busy or idle. This area is read-only.

Type — Displays the type of printer currently selected. This area is read-only.

Where — Identifies the printer path, printer port, queue name, or physical location of the currently selected printer. This area is read-only.

Print range — Allows you to select the following options:

  • Drawing — Prints the entire drawing based on the defined page size.

  • View — Prints the portion of the drawing that is actually visible in the Print Preview window.

Number of copies — Allows you to specify the number of copies of the drawing to be printed.

Collate — When the number of copies is more than 1, selecting this check box collates the output by printing all the pages consecutively for each copy. Clearing the check box causes the same page of each copy to be printed together for the number of copies specified.

Settings — Opens the Settings dialog box, which allows you to view and edit the scale and origin of your print area.