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Intergraph Smart P&ID Drawing Manager Help (2019)

Intergraph Smart P&ID
2019 (9.0)
2019 (9.0)
2019 (10.0)

You can save drawings in the following formats:

  • AutoCAD (*.dwg and *.dxf)

  • MicroStation (*.dgn)

  • PDF (*.pdf)

  • ISO 15926 (*.xml)

  • Smart P&ID uses the ExportLayer.xlsx file to map drawing item types to the layers that they will be assigned to. Filters are used to define the scope of the item type, for example 'Equipment - New'. The file then specifies the layer to which the scoped item type will be assigned. If a symbol’s item type does not match any of the filter definitions and if that symbol is in the Primary drawing layer (the only active layer when saving from Drawing Manager), the symbol is saved in the Default layer. If a display set is assigned to the drawing and the Color value of filtered or background items is None, the software ignores the ExportLayer.xlsx file and those items go to the hidden layer in AutoCAD or MicroStation. If the Color value of filtered or background items is not None, filtered items go to the layer specified by the filter and background items go to the default layer unless a filter exists in the ExportLayer.xlsx file for a particular item or set of items, in which case the settings in the ExportLayer.xlsx file override the display set settings for those background items.

  • For details of the supported versions of AutoCAD and MicroStation for these formats, refer to the Smart P&ID Installation and Upgrade Guide, Hardware and Software Recommendations under the section Smart P&ID Workstation > Optional Software. The PDF printer that the current version of the software supports is Amyuni 5.5 PDF Converter.

  • The ISO 15926 (*.xml) format is available only if you have a valid license ID and you have run a procedure that activates this option. For details, see Enable Save As XML.

  • Text boxes on drawings that are saved as AutoCAD drawings display a border if the fill color Blank is selected in the Text Block Properties. To remove the border around text boxes in translated AutoCAD drawings, modify the P&ID symbol in Catalog Manager and set the Text Block Properties fill color to None.