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The software implements drawing revisions in different ways depending on your work environment. If you are working in an integrated environment, when you select the Revisions > New Revision command in Drawing Manager, the software opens either the SmartPlant Foundation Revise dialog box or the New Revision dialog box, depending on the option selected in Options Manager for the Revision Management Software for Publishing Documents setting. If you want to associate a version with a new revision in an integrated environment, you must select the drawing and run the Revisions > Associate Version command after creating the revision.

The document revision process is separate from the publishing process, making it possible to revise a document locally and in SmartPlant Foundation and save the revision values to the tool database without re-publishing the document.

Revising a document creates a revision for the document with major and minor revision values set, depending on the revision schema selected. When revising a document, you can modify the major and minor revision data on the document.

You can change the revision scheme after a document has been published, skip revision numbers, and manually add a revision number, then have it validated against the revision scheme. It is not required to assign a minor revision number. Also, revision data from tools is supported even if the document has previously been revised in SmartPlant Foundation.

You can revise a document by using any previous revisions that are available from the last published revision.


If you revise a new document using the revision scheme RevAlpha (A, B, C, D…) and revision C, then SmartPlant Foundation reserves revision number C for the document. Revising the same document with RevAlpha, you can now revise with any previous revision numbers, such as A or B. However, if the document is published to SmartPlant Foundation with revision number C, you are not allowed to go back to the previous revision numbers.

The following table contains the available revision numbers based on the document revision state in SmartPlant Foundation:

Document revision state

Next available revision number

Working (C)

C and up

Current (C)

D and up

  • The combination of the major and minor revision values must be unique in the plant, or when working with As-Built, in the project.

  • When you check out or fetch a drawing from the As-Built into a project, only the last revision record is displayed on the Revision History dialog box, regardless of whether that revision is associated with a version or not.

  • On the Revision History dialog box, the Delete command is disabled if the plant is registered with SmartPlant Foundation, regardless of any permission settings.

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