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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
Release Bulletin

Version 2019

  • Smart Interop Publisher now supports the Intergraph Smart® Licensing application.

  • You can now publish 2D and 3D files from Hexagon PPM applications to SmartPlant Foundation and Portal target applications without translation in the new Smart Documents view. The software does not perform any schema changes. All object property labels remain the same as defined in the source files. With this publishing method, you do not have to set up work share projects or create new Smart 3D projects. For more information, see Supported Smart Document Formats and Manage Smart Documents.

  • You can publish ISOGEN piping spool data files as correlated 2D and 3D data in Smart Documents as a single operation. This eliminates the requirement to create custom correlations between 2D and 3D data after the publish operation from Smart Interop Publisher. For more information, see Publish Isogen Smart Documents.

  • Smart Interop Publisher has been optimized so that it can publish large data sets to the SmartPlant Foundation and Portal targets.

  • The Apply materials translation option allows you to change the colors of objects of each discipline in your model through an associated palette (.pal) file. The palette file can be edited in Intergraph Smart® Review. For more information, see the Common Translation Options in Define Translation Settings and Change model material display styles.

  • The Translate hidden objects option has been added to the Navisworks translation settings. This new option translates and then displays any designated hidden objects in the Navisworks source file. For more information, see Navisworks options.

  • The IFC Schema option has been added to the Export Settings for IFC source files. This option allows you to export the file based on the selected schema type (2X3 or 2X4). In addition, Smart Interop Publisher now supports the 2x4 IFC schema version for translation. For more information, see Supported 3D Model Formats and IFC Export Settings.

  • You can now open Smart Model and Smart Drawing translation and project (Summary or Detailed) log files and Smart Model publish log files from the grid views to quickly review and troubleshoot issues. For more information, see Smart Models Grid, Smart Drawings Grid, and Log Files.

  • The translation of PDMS source files has been enhanced to create logical ports with their properties on pipe and piping components. These logical ports make it faster and easier to create routing workflows when the translated file is inserted into Smart 3D as Reference 3D data.

  • You can map PDMS codelist values for port properties such as End Preparation and Pressure Rating so that they display in the Smart 3D format. Smart Interop Publisher provides the new PipingPortEndConnectionTable sheet in the default and custom PDMS mapping sheets. This new mapping supports downstream operations such as the creation and routing of ISO drawings. For more information, see Custom Map PDMS Port Properties.

  • Smart Interop Publisher provides an option that allows you to translate PDMS models with multiple attribute (.att) files in the same folder as the PDMS source files. The attribute files can represent various disciplines such as equipment and piping that can be seen in the translated model by other downstream applications. For more information, see PDMS options.

  • For PDMS source file translation, Smart Interop Publisher now supports 255 color indexes.

  • CAESAR II assigns and keeps track of object GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers) and names for support and hanger objects for efficient identification and maintenance. Smart Interop Publisher now maps these hangers and supports properties as Restraint ID and Restraint Name when translating CAESAR II source files to persist this object identification and correlation. This new object correlation feature enhances your review and design process because you can now create rules or programs to automatically modify required hanger and support objects from CAESAR II source files. For more information, see CAESAR II to Smart 3D Workflow.

  • To ensure that Smart Interop Publisher locates SmartFrames contained in P&ID (.pid) files located in different folders during Smart Drawing publishing, a SubstituteDrives.txt file is provided. For more information, see Translate to Smart Drawings.

  • Smart Interop Publisher can publish Smart Interop Objects from Smart 3D SPRDirect.

  • Smart Interop Publisher ignores continuation components contained in an ISOGEN PCF/POD source file. Continuation components are objects that indicate model continuation direction.

  • The supported versions of AutoDesk Navisworks have been updated. For more information, see Supported 3D Model Formats.

  • The supported version of ACIS has been updated to R28. For more information, see Supported 3D Model Formats.

  • The supported versions for MCAD-specific third-party formats such as CATIA and Inventor have been updated. For more information, see Supported 3D Model Formats and Translate MCAD files with defeaturing options.

  • A new Complete-with-warnings status for translating drawing files has been added. For more information, see Translate to Smart Drawings and Troubleshooting: General Operations.

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