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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Tutorial

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

Once groups and users have been defined, the Domain Administrator grants them access rights to various activities. Access rights are granted per group, which means that all users in the selected group are granted the same access rights.

  1. In the Domain Administration window, click to open the Domain Definition window.

  2. On the Domain Definition toolbar, click to open the Access Rights window with the user group displayed in the Group list section of the window.

  3. Double-click Instrumentation to display the access levels for that group.

  4. Expand Unit Level by clicking the icon to display all the units in the domain.

  5. Select the unit — New Refinery/Crude Area/Crude Unit 1.

    The Item or activity section of the window displays the list of items and activities that apply at the unit level:

  6. From the Item or activity column, scroll down the Name list to Instrument Index Module Access.

  7. From the Mode list, select Access Denied:

  8. On the toolbar, click (Save) and close the window.

  9. Test your access rights as follows:

    1. Log on to Smart Instrumentation as USER1.

    2. On the Open dialog box, select New Refinery > Crude Area > Crude Unit 1.

    3. Click the Modules menu and note that all modules are available except for the Instrument Index module.

    4. Exit Smart Instrumentation.

  10. In the Administration module, reopen the Access Rights window and reset Instrument Index Module Access to Full (Add / Delete /Update).

  11. On the toolbar, click to close the Access Rights window; and click Yes when prompted to save changes.