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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Tutorial

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

You will now create these two reference cables by populating the newly created 16-pair cable.

  1. In the Cables folder of the Reference Explorer, right-click cable 16 PAIRS WITH I/S.

  2. Click Duplicate on the shortcut menu.

  3. On the Cable Properties dialog box under Cable, type 8-PAIR CABLE.

  4. Leave all the other fields empty and click OK.

  5. In the Reference Explorer, select this newly created cable 8-PAIR CABLE.

  6. You will now delete the surplus cable sets in cable 8-PAIR CABLE as follows:

    1. In the Reference Explorer, select Cable 8-PAIR CABLE.

  7. scroll down to pair number 9 (Pr 9) and while holding down SHIFT, select pair number 16 (Pr 16) to select all the sets between Pr 9 and Pr 16.

  8. Press the DELETE key on your keyboard.

  9. When prompted, click Yes to confirm the deletion.

  10. Duplicate 8-PAIR CABLE and rename the duplicated cable as 4-PAIR CABLE.

  11. Delete the 4 surplus cable sets for 4-PAIR CABLE.

You have now completed the creation of all the reference cables required for this tutorial. You will now copy the reference cables you created to the Cables folder in the Domain Explorer.