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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Tutorial

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)
  1. In the Domain Explorer, expand the Panels by Category folder and then the Junction Boxes folder.

  2. Right-click 101-JB-DCS-001 and on the shortcut menu, click Actions > Connection.

  3. With the Connection window open, select cable C-101-FT-100 in the Cables folder of the Domain Explorer. Drag the Domain Explorer to the right side of the window for better viewing.

  4. Drag cable C-101-FT-100 from the Domain Explorer to the left side of terminal 1+ in the Connection window and drop it there.

  5. On the Cable Connection Definition dialog box, select End 2 (the JB side) for connection, select the Select all cable sets check box and use 3 in a row as the connection type.

    The dialog box should appear as shown:

  6. Click Connect to make the connection.

    After the connection has been made, the following should appear in the Connection window:

Wires for cable C-101-FT-100 labeled SPARE before connection of the field device take the names of the tag numbers of the instruments that have been defined as field devices. This is an example of tag number signal.