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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

After defining all the users and assigning them to departments, you have to select a user to be assigned as the Domain Administrator who will handle all the internal configuration of the Domain.

If you do not have the Administration module running in the System Administration mode, first open the module. For details, seeLog on as System or Domain Administrator in the Administration Module help..

  1. Click to open the Domain Definition window.

  2. From the Domain list, select DEMO.

  3. On the Domain Definition toolbar, click (Edit).

  4. From the Administrator list, select user DOMAIN as Domain Administrator.

    As System Administrator, you also may edit the domain name, number and description if required.

  5. Under Domain features, select the Activity tracking and Audit trail options check boxes.

  6. Under Specification title block, select Standard (used in all modules) as the custom title block assignment method.

  7. On the toolbar, click and then click .