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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

Sometimes, when you make a change in the specification sheet of a particular instrument, you will want to create a formal revision indicating when the change was made, who made the change, and who approved it. In other cases, the specifications of a whole class of instruments may have changed. When this happens, you will probably want to revise a complete set of specification sheets. For this purpose, the global revisions option is available.

  1. With the Specifications Module window displayed, on the Tools menu, click Global Revisions.

  2. On the Global Revisions dialog box, click the Settings tab, and from the Activity list, select Upgrade revision.

  3. Enter the required revision numbering criteria to be used as the default in all the newly created revisions as follows:

    1. From the Initial revision numbering method list, select method P0 (preliminary revision numbering). This method will be used for specification sheets that have no previous revisions.

    2. Select the options to change the revision numbering type for all selected specification sheets that have preliminary revisions (revision numbering P1, P2, and so forth). To do this, select the Switch to another numbering method check box, and from the Continue numbering using list, select method A (alphabetic revision numbering).

      Revision numbering for other specification sheets will be based on the existing numbering method, and will be incremented from the previous revision.

  4. Complete the information for the other fields on the Settings tab (Revised by, Revision Date, and so forth) so that it appears similar to that shown.

  5. Click the Specifications tab.

  6. Select the check box Display only in lowest plant hierarchy level item.

    The software filters the list of tag specification sheets to reflect the selection:

  7. Select the following specification sheets (while holding down CTRL):

    • 101-FE-100

    • 101-FE-201

    • 101-FT-100

  8. Click Apply.

    The software applies revision upgrades to the selected specification sheets. A progress bar indicates the percentage completion of the process.

  9. Click Refresh to update the data.

    The following revision number changes for the selected specification sheets:

    • 101-FE-100 (last revision number 0; new revision number 1).

    • 101-FE-201 (last revision number P0; new revision number 0).

    • 101-FT-100 (no last revision; new revision number 0).