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2018 (12.0)

These examples show the different results obtained when applying a filter from the Filter Definition dialog box.

Selected folder or parent node

Filters only the child items that belongs to the folder.

In this example, the filter is applied to the Instruments folder. Only instruments that contain "100" and are in the Instruments folder are displayed.

Filter definition - Selected folder or parent load.

Result example.

Selected Item

Available only when you select a specific item, for example Instrument from the Instruments folder.

In this example, the filter is applied to a specific Item Type The filter displays only those instruments that have the properties displayed in the example.

Filter definition - Selected item.

Result example.

All tree view for the selected item type

Filters the entire tree view for all items belonging to the selected Item Type.

In this example, the Item Type selected is Instrument. The filter displays in the explorer only those instruments that meet the definition criteria.

Filter definition - All tree view for the selected item type.

Result example.

Current lowest plant hierarchy level

Displays only those items that belong to the current plants, lowest plant hierarchy level, for example Units.

If you have applied a filter to a hierarchy folder you must clear the filter first.

Definition filter - Current lowest plant hierarchy level.

Result example.