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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Tutorial

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

If you have already performed the system setup and configuration or if you are interested only in the instrument engineering options, you can skip directly to the Instrument Engineering options. Otherwise, proceed with the System Administration options.

The System Administration procedures are performed right after the installation of Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation (and configuring the database by your Oracle or SQL Server database administrator). A Smart Instrumentation database comes shipped with the System Administrator user definitions so that this user can log on to the Administration module and perform procedures that involve a domain initialization (creation) and configuration. In Smart Instrumentation, the term domain most closely corresponds to a site.

The Smart Instrumentation database contains several schemas. In this tutorial, you need to know about the Admin schema and Domain schema:

  • The Admin schema contains the tables that enable the System Administrator to create a domain. This schema is created automatically and does not hold any Smart Instrumentation data.

  • The Domain schema is the schema that contains tables where users define and manage data. When initializing a domain, the System Administrator is actually creating the Domain schema in the database and populates this schema with tables.

There are two special types of users who are responsible for administration activities:

  • The System Administrator is a user who works in Smart Instrumentation at the Admin schema level. This means that this user can create and manage domains, set up various domain definitions, create users and define one or more users as Domain Administrators.

  • A user defined as Domain Administrator can access a specific domain and then perform various activities at the Domain schema level before engineers can start entering data into the database.

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