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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Tutorial

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

You will now create several plant loops based on your typical loops. First, you will create a macro consisting of the typical loop and tags you created. Next, you will create a batch of macros which will appear under the plant.

  1. On the Reference Explorer, right-click the Macros folder and select New > Macro.

  2. On the Expansion Macro Properties (New) dialog box, enter the macro information.

  3. Drag and drop FL-1 from the Typical Loops folder to the Macro item details grid of the New Expansion Macro dialog box.

    You may hold down CTRL while selecting multiple loops or instruments from the Typical Loops and Typical Instruments folders, or from the Reference Explorer.

  4. To save and create the new macro do one of the following:

    • On the Macro Expansion toolbar, click Save

    • Click Actions > Save

  5. On the Reference Explorer toolbar, click Refresh, to display the new macro.

  6. Select the macro you created.

  7. Right-click, and on the short-cut menu, click Actions > Batch Macro Creation.

  8. On the Batch Macro Creation dialog box, select the check box and type 905-910, 919 to create loops F-905 to F-910, and also create loop F-919 and click Run.

    The Status column displays created macros statuses with options as follows:

    • Created — Number of created macros.

    • Rejected — Number of macros that failed to be created.

    • Already existing — Number of macros not created because they already exist.

    • Canceled by user — The process was canceled by the user.

  9. After the creation procedure is complete open the Domain Explorer to view the results

If errors occur in the batch macro creation process, you may click View log to open the log file when the process ends.

Now, create plant loops T-905 through T-910 and T-919 based on typical loop T-10.