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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Tutorial

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

To enable automatic creation of device panels when creating instrument tags, you must first define appropriate reference device panels and cables in the Reference Explorer and then associate these panels and cables with the instrument type profiles.

  1. Click Tools > Reference Explorer.

  2. Click the Panels folder to expand it and right-click the Device Panels folder.

  3. On the shortcut menu, click New > Device Panel (Conventional).

  4. On the Device Panel Properties dialog box, type the information as shown and click OK.

  5. In the Reference Explorer, click the icon to expand the Device Panels folder.

  6. Right-click the REF FIELD DEVICE 2-WIRE panel.

  7. Create a strip and terminals for this device panel as follows:

    1. On the shortcut menu, click New > Terminal Strip.

    2. On the Terminal Strip Configuration dialog box, beside the Configuration name box, click New.

    3. On the Number of Terminals in Pattern dialog box, type 2 as the number of terminals in the pattern, and then click OK to return to the Terminal Strip Configuration dialog box.

    4. In the Configuration name box, type DP 2 Terminals.

    5. Under Terminal Numbering, in the Prefix column, type + and -.

    6. Select the Incremented check box for the + terminal.

      The values in this dialog box should now appear as shown:

    7. Click Save.

    8. Click Create.

    9. On the Terminal Strip Properties dialog box, in the Terminal strip box, type TS - 1.

    10. Click OK and double-click the panel and then the strip to expand the panel-strip-terminal hierarchy in the Reference Explorer.

      The window should appear as shown:

  8. Create a reference cable as follows:

    1. Right-click the Cables folder and on the shortcut menu, click New > Cable.

    2. On the Cable Configuration dialog box, click New.

    3. On the New Cable Configuration dialog box, type 1 as the total number of sets and select PAIR W/SHIELD as the default cable set type.

    4. Click OK.

    5. In the Cable configuration box, type DP 2 Wires.

    6. In the Cable Set column, type PR #1.

    7. In the Cable default name box, type 1P#20 BK,WH I/S.

    8. Under Cable set wire details, make sure that the wire tag label is SPARE for the first two wire tags and Shield for the third wire tag.

      The dialog box should now appear as shown:

    9. Click Save.

    10. Click Create.

    11. On the Cable Properties dialog box, information as shown and click OK.

In the Reference Explorer, display your cable, which appears as shown.