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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Tutorial

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

In this objective, you will mark the wires on the loop and add a note to show that the wire colors should be switched.

  1. In the Enhanced Report Utility, generate the drawing for loop 101-F-102.

  2. On the main toolbar, click the Zoom Area command and drag the zoom area over the field device and adjacent connector on the drawing to display more details.

  3. On the Draw toolbar, click , move the cross-hair cursor in the drawing area to the position where you want to place the center of the circle, and click the cursor once at that position.

  4. Release the mouse button and drag the mouse until the circle is of the required size, then click to place the circle.

    You can change the line color, width, and style of the active object with the Line ribbon that appears when drawing an object.

  5. Position and size the circle as shown as follows:

    1. Click and then click anywhere on the circumference of the circle.

    2. Select the handle at the center of the circle and drag to move the circle.

    3. Select the handle at the edge of the circle and drag to resize the circle.

    4. By following the above steps, try to position and size the circle approximately as shown.

  6. Draw a line next to the circle as follows:

    1. Click to start the drawing line mode and move the cursor to the drawing area.

    2. Click once below and to the right of the circle about two inches away to define the start of the line.

    3. Click again at the lower edge of the circle to define the end of the line.

    4. Click to exit the drawing line mode.

      The line should appear approximately as shown.

  7. Click the circle to select it.

  8. On the Annotations toolbar, click Attach Redlining ().

  9. On the Attach Redlining dialog box, select For this drawing only.

  10. Now do the same for the line that you drew.

  11. Finally, add some text beside the line as follows:

    1. On the Annotations toolbar, click New SmartText .

    2. On the SmartText Properties dialog box, in the Caption field, type Swap terminals.

    3. Click the Text tab and click Font to open the Font dialog box.

    4. In the Size field, select 10.

    5. In the Color field, select Red.

    6. Click OK to return to the SmartText Properties dialog box.

    7. Under Alignment, for both Vertical and Horizontal fields, select Center.

    8. Accept the remaining values and click OK to close the SmartText Properties dialog box and return to the drawing sheet.

    9. Click the cross-hair cursor at the lower right end of the line you drew. Drag the text so that it appears as shown.

  12. Click File > Save Custom Changes.

  13. On the Save Custom Changes dialog box, in the Save position at box, select Drawing level and click OK.