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2019 (10.0)

Before you begin routing cableways, duct banks, cable trays, conduits, and cables, you must define your reference data. Using the reference data workbooks, you can create custom parts for electrical modeling. Your first step should be to review, edit, and customize the delivered electrical reference data. For more information, see the Electrical Reference Data Guide available from the Help > Printable Guides command in the software.

After customizing the reference data, define the necessary electrical systems that you want in your model. You can create the systems in the Systems and Specifications task, or you can right-click the System tab in the Workspace Explorer to create systems.

After the electrical reference data and the needed systems are defined, you can begin routing cableways, cable trays, conduit, and duct banks in your model. You can divide a cable tray into purchasable lengths using Insert Split . To add equipment and cabinets, use Place Equipment within the Electrical task. You can then route conduit as needed. With the cableway and conduit systems are in place, you can route the cable in your model.