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2019 (10.0)

A duct bank is a casing that encloses conduit runs. The enclosing run becomes a cableway which does not have parts. However, conduits parts are available for the enclosed conduits. Duct banks can be logically connected with other duct banks of similar cross-section. They can also logically connect with zero-spec cableway runs. Duct banks do not form transitions. The connecting cableways always form the transition. You can route cables out of networks containing duct banks or cableways. You cannot multi-route duct banks.

By default, the software uses fast mode during routing, which means that you do not see elbows or turns during the dynamic placement display. After you define the run location, the software displays the elbows. Press SHIFT+F to toggle fast mode on and off.

To route using an existing run, we recommend that you first select the appropriate duct from the Run box. By adapting this practice, you can avoid:

  • unnecessary activation of the New Cableway dialog box.

  • creating empty runs or redundant runs.

  • re-work required to delete the empty or redundant runs.

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