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2019 (10.0)

The following tasks are used to set up a 3D Model Data component and configure it for viewing in Smart Review or publishing.

Define Your Workspace

The defined workspace does not need to include objects being manipulated for Smart Review.

Setup a 3D Model Data Component

You can create and set up a 3D Model Data component to create Smart Review output files or neutral CAD (SAT) graphics files.

Create the 3D Model Data Document

To create the 3D Model Data document, right-click the component and select the Create Drawing command. When this command is complete, the document is listed in the Detail View.

Set Surface Style Rules and Aspects for 3D Model Data Documents

Before you update your 3D Model Data documents, set the surface style rules and aspects to use for the model objects. You can specify the properties for the 3D Model Data component and documents by right-clicking and selecting Properties.

Update 3D Model Data Documents

Update your 3D Model Data documents using Update Now or Batch > Update on the component or document shortcut menu.

Save Data as a Smart Review File

You can output your 3D Model Data to a Smart Review (.vue) file whether you are working in a stand-alone or integrated environment.

Set Revision Information

The document revision process is separate from the publishing process, making it possible to revise a document locally and save it to the database without re-publishing the document.

Publish Data

If your model has been registered using the SmartPlant Registration Wizard, you can publish your 3D Model data for retrieval in other tools.