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  • You must retrieve at least one cable schedule to view the cable schedule. Use the SmartPlant > Retrieve command. This command is available only if you have registered the active model with SmartPlant Foundation in the Project Management. For more information on how to retrieve documents, see .

  • Before viewing the cable schedule, select an appropriate electrical system in the Workspace Explorer to create cables. Smart 3D creates the cables with the same name as in the cable schedule document. If you do not select an electrical system, then Smart 3D creates a new system with the same name as the cable schedule document, and then creates cables under the new system.

  • Set the Active Permission Group to Electrical and assign the objects that you place in the model to the Active Permission Group.

  1. Click SmartPlant > View Cable Schedule.

  2. On the Cable Schedule Documents dialog box, select a cable schedule, and click Open.

  3. On the Cable Schedule dialog box, set the Include up-to-date cables option as necessary.

    Include up-to-date cables option allows you to hide the cables that are already processed and up-to-date.

  4. Select cables in the grid.

    You can click Select All, or use the CTRL or SHIFT keys to select multiple cables.

  5. Click Validate to verify if the Part Number, From Device and To Device exist in 3D model data.

    The selected cable is validated, and its validation status is updated. Any missing data is highlighted in bold text.

  6. Select the validated cable, and then click Process.

    For a cable to successfully process, its design basis data displayed on the list must match with corresponding 3D model data.

  • When you select a cable on the Cable Schedule dialog box, the corresponding cable is automatically selected in the Workspace Explorer.

  • You can Autoroute , or Delete a processed cable without exiting the Cable Schedule dialog box.

  • Click View Cable Schedule Documents to return to the cable schedule documents list.

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