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Intergraph Smart 3D Electrical

3D Design and Visualization
Intergraph Smart 3D
2019 (10.0)
  1. Click Quick Route on the vertical toolbar.

  2. Select a conduit nozzle from which to extend the conduit.

    The software displays the New Conduit Run dialog box. For more information, see New Conduit Run Dialog Box.

  3. Select a conduit, and if necessary, specify required properties.

  4. Select a terminating end feature or nozzle.

    The software displays all possible path options based on the location of the selected features. You can navigate through the path options and view the dynamic computed graphics.

  5. On the Path Options menu, select an option that you want. You can click the option or press Enter to confirm your selection.

    By default, the software considers the highlighted option as your selection.

  6. Click Finish.

    The software joins the two end points along the selected path.

    If the selected path results in skews, then the software prompts you with a warning message.

    1. Click No to undo the current path selection.

    2. Select another path option, and then click Finish.

  7. Continue quick routing, or right-click to exit the command.

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