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12 (2018)
2020 (15.0)

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  1. Click View > Clip by Volume or Plane. to display the Clip by Volume or Plane Ribbon.

  2. Click Clip by Plane .

  3. Select the near point of the clipping plane in the view.

    The software displays a cross hair at the selected point.

  4. Select the far point of the clipping plane in the view to display a second cross hair at the selected point.

  5. Select the view to apply the volume clipping.

    Clip by Plane is useful only in orthographic views.

  6. Click Finish.

  • You can modify the view volume of all selected windows by dragging the clipping planes. The movement is normal to the plane. The software assigns the edited clipping volume to the active view and to all views selected after you start the command.

  • To restore the view, click Clear Clipping .

  • The clipping planes are positioned according to the active coordinate system, rather than the global coordinate system.