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In order to use j5 Wonderware Historian Interface, a database connection to the Wonderware Historian database first needs to be set up within j5.

This can be done by configuring the Wonderware Historian instance as a j5-recognised database in j5 System Management Console. Under the "Database Configuration" folder on the left, select "New Database Configuration" and enter the relevant Wonderware Historian database details.

Configuring the Wonderware Historian as a j5-recognized database in j5 System Management Console

The configured user should have database permissions within SQL Server to access the tables used by the historian. This requires at least SELECT permissions on the History, Live and Tag tables within the Runtime database. For "Summary History" aggregate queries, SELECT permissions are required for the AnalogSummaryHistory.

INSERT permissions are required if there is a need to write data from j5 to the historian. This will also require that the "Autocommit On" setting of the Wonderware Historian database connection is set to "True".

  • For more information about permissions within SQL Server and Wonderware Historian, refer to the Wonderware Historian Server Concepts Guide.

  • This configuration also allows Historian data to be queried using SQL Statements in IndustraForms. For more information about using SQL statements within IndustraForms, refer to the IndustraForm Data Wizardry chapter in j5 IndustraForm Designer Tutorial.