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The Getting started course is intended to give those new to the j5 Operations Management Software the foundational knowledge to work confidently with it.

This course covers the basics of the j5 Operations Management Software – feel free to skip over sections that you have already mastered.

This course addresses:

  1. Signing into the j5 Operations Management Software

  2. Navigating the j5 Operations Management Software menus

  3. Viewing, adding, editing, and deleting j5 Application entries

  4. Filtering j5 Application entries

  5. Printing and exporting j5 Application views

  6. Accessing j5 Dashboards

  7. Configuring your user preferences

  8. Working with j5 IndustraForms

  9. Searching for particular entries

  10. Timeline View features

You can access the j5 Framework Help as a complement to this Getting started course.

If you want to practice the concepts addressed in this course and do not currently have access to a j5 Operations Management Solution, please contact your local Hexagon office to discuss setting up a demonstration site for your organization.

Module 1: Getting Started

Unit 1: Sign in

Unit 2: Navigation

Module 2: Working with j5 Applications

Unit 1: View entries

Unit 2: Add a new entry

Unit 3: Edit an entry

Unit 4: Delete an entry

Unit 5: Notable field types

Unit 6: Operational area selection

Unit 7: Rich text fields

Unit 8: Predefined messages

Unit 9: Asset selector in an IndustraForm

Module 3: Filter entries

Unit 1: Page filters

Unit 2: Column sorting

Unit 3: Simple filters

Unit 4: Advanced filters

Unit 5: Saved filters

Module 4: Print and export j5 Application views

Unit 1: Print and export j5 Application views

Module 5: j5 IndustraForms

Unit 1: IndustraForms

Unit 2: Sections and subsections

Unit 3: Repeated sections and subsections

Unit 4: Submit and approve sections

Unit 5: Add notes and flags to forms

Module 6: User preferences

Unit 1: j5 User preferences

Module 7: Search

Unit 1: Search

Unit 2: Search result anatomy

Unit 3: Filters

Unit 4: Search language

Module 8: Timeline View features

Unit 1: Timeline overview

Unit 2: Access the timeline view

Unit 3: Entry summary

Unit 4: Filters

Unit 5: Navigation

Unit 6: Zoom