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j5 Smart Cloud is a fully managed end-to-end solution providing the latest j5 applications and tools quickly and easily through your web browser. It allows you to use j5 software in a high-performance, secure, and reliable environment. It can be deployed faster with lower up-front costs than a local installation (no expensive server hardware required). It also allows for continued savings because you don't need to have your own data center (data center costs and its associated costs such as training and paying staff to operate and maintain the data center). Additionally, it can be easily scaled up or down to meet your business' requirements.

When using j5 Smart Cloud:

  • You get j5 updates (new features and bug fixes) quickly.

  • You save on deployment and running costs.

  • You can easily scale up or down according to your business' requirements.

  • You use a secure and certified platform.

  • You maintain full ownership of your data.

  • You get j5 global support 24/7.


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Published Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 9:47 AM