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An automatic data synchronization with the SAP Server can be configured to load master data. The default schedule is a daily synchronization at 1am server time. This can be configured to be done daily, weekly or monthly, at a configurable time of day. This synchronization imports all of the master data into the related tables in j5, for each Organizational Unit configured. This data is then processed and used to create the j5 Organizational Hierarchy. Following this, each user with an Employee ID in j5 that matches their SAP Employee ID (Personnel Number) is updated with information retrieved from SAP such as: Full Name, Work Position, Organizational Hierarchy fields.

The diagram below illustrates the synchronization process as follows:

SAP HR Sync Overview

  1. All HR data is downloaded from the SAP Server based on the Organizational Unit IDs provided. This is done one Organizational Unit at a time and temporarily stored in staging tables.

  2. This information is then used to construct the records in the j5 Organizational Hierarchy.

  3. After this, all users with a valid Employee ID will have the following fields updated in j5: Full Name, Work Position, Organizational Hierarchy.

  4. A hook is provided that will be called once the synchronization is complete. Any custom processing of the data can be done here. See j5 Installation and Upgrade the for details on configuring this.