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Release Bulletin

Security Updates

  • 2021-03-11 - Removed calls to unsafe load functions on YAML configuration files, to prevent CVE-2017-18342 and CVE-2019-20477. (PT-6454)

  • 2021-03-16 - Removed requests_ntlm library from j5 along with ipaddress, ntlm-auth and crytography which were dependencies of requests_ntlm. (PT-6535)

  • 2021-03-16 - Upgraded Pillow from 2.9.0 to 6.2.2 in order to resolve CVE-2016-4009, CVE-2020-5311, CVE-2020-5312. (PT-6431, PT-6512)


  • 2021-05-03 - Updated properties of installers to show Hexagon ownership and sign with Hexagon certificate. (PT-4617)

Bug Fixes

  • 2021-05-07 - The j5 Designer now prevents IndustraForms with a higher schema version than supported by the Framework from being imported. A warning is logged. (PT-7840)