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j5 Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin

New Features

  • 2021-02-19 - Added section type setting to j5 IDE when configuring Main IndustraForm scopes that support this feature. (PT-6339)

  • 2021-03-28 - Added a new IndustraForm element type "Choice Hierarchy" for splitting a hierarchy datastore over multiple choice dropdowns. (PT-6293)

  • 2021-04-12 - Provided menu items in the Designer to download Sample IndustraForm templates for the Work Instruction and Shift Handover applications. (PT-6330)

  • 2021-04-22 - Added a new option to IndustraForm repeating sections to only allow editing of the last repeat. (PT-7413)


  • 2021-04-13 - Added the ability to use a Formula to select a Predefined Message List in an IndustraForm design. (PT-7166)

  • 2021-04-27 - Added validation for Control of Work Isolation Certificate IndustraForms. (PT-6670)

Bug Fixes

  • 2021-04-07 - Added db_cache_columns configuration option to the DBselect schema. (PT-6428)

  • 2021-04-12 - Corrected Spreadsheet Task Import to handle both numbers and non-ascii text in Choice options. (PT-6856, PT-7163)

  • 2021-04-14 - Disabled option to add page breaks to subsections. (PT-6634).