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Release Bulletin


  • 2020-12-03 - Added more detail to Standing Order emails: subject line now includes Standing Order creator and Operational Area. (PT-5074)

Bug Fixes

  • 2021-01-04 - Fixed error in "Make handover config for" a form in the IndustraForm designer by making handover configs initially set to "Handover Any Time". (PT-5465)

  • 2021-01-07 - Fixed an issue where shifts could be created without a valid ID, and this would lead to unexpected associations with crews. (PT-5085)

  • 2021-01-14 - Changed formatting for the Main Industraform selector in the Shift Handover summary to not display non-alphabetic characters as codes. (PT-6019)

  • 2021-01-22 - Updated Chinese translation for Work Instruction from 工作指导 to 工作指令.(PT-5451/#26641)

  • 2021-01-28 - Fixed issue creating a Standing Order with a custom configuration where the Standing Order is a sub log of a log without an area field. (PT-6121/#27461)

  • 2021-01-29 - Fixed layout issues for Operations Logbook Overview and Work Instructions Overview Dashboards. (PT-4989, PT-5110)


This release contains new translation strings, in the following translation domains:

  • j5.StandingOrders (2 new strings - improved Standing Orders email subjects)