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For organizations who have had Permit to Work roles configured with j5 Framework 2016, or 2016.2, the following steps can be taken to adjust the legacy configuration to work alongside the IndustraForm Roles introduced in j5 Framework 2017.

A user group based role scheme with a set of predefined roles is provided:



Issuing Authority

Person issuing the permit

Performing Authority

Person accepting the permit on behalf of the permit user(s)

Area Authority

Person in control of the location where work is to be carried out

Site Checker

Person carrying out checks as detailed on the permit

Isolating Authority

Person responsible for making isolations

Diving Authority

Person in charge of dives

Work Site Supervisor

Person in charge of supervising work in a designated area

Permit User

Person working under the terms of the permit

Permit Authorizer

Person authorizing the permit for issue, e.g. if an extra level of authorization is required

Authorized Electrical Person

Person in charge of ensuring safety regulations regarding electrical equipment are followed

Authorized Gas Tester

Person qualified to carry out gas tests

Senior Operations Supervisor

Senior person in charge of operations at the time

To assign these roles to a user, do the following:

  1. Open the IDE and create a new user group for the Permit to Work role that you want to add. The reason we do this is because module roles can only be assigned to entire user groups in j5.

  2. Assign the role to the new user group. This is described in the j5 IDE tutorial.

  3. In j5, configure a new user profile and assign this new user group to this profile.

  4. Assign the new profile to all of the users who should have this Permit to Work role.

When a user needs to perform a Permit to Work role, they will need to switch profiles to the appropriate role. By default, the Admin group role has all the Permit to Work application roles.