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The state of each Permit is managed internally by the IndustraForm. Permits have an initial default state of Drafting. There are two Permit template examples, Cold Work and Hot Work. Their workflow includes the following general ideas:

  • First, the permit planner should enter the Permit Information, which must be approved by the Performing Authority.

  • The form will then be Awaiting Issue until the Issuing Authority signs off on the Issue section.

  • The form will then indicate Awaiting Accept until Acceptance by the Performing Authority.

  • In the case of Hot Work, a Gas Test must then be performed first.

  • The form will then be In Progress while the actual work required is carried out.

  • Once the Performing and Issuing Authorities have completed the Hand-back, the Work is Complete must be updated to reflect the status of the work.

  • The form will then be Pending Approval (Work Complete) or Pending Approval (Work Incomplete) as appropriate.

  • Once the entire form is finally approved, the status will indicate Closed (Complete) or Closed (Incomplete) (again depending on the work completion reported).