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A Permit To Work system is a formal system to control certain types of work which have been identified as potentially hazardous.

The j5 Permit To Work application provides a framework for a business to create their own process, based on j5 IndustraForms, and to guide users through it. It comes with a set of templates that provide examples for handling a range of scenarios, covering the permit level and the certificate level. Note that these templates are provided only to assist the user to develop the specific processes for the site and are not intended to be used without modification.

While the UK Health and Safety Executive white paper Guidance on permit-to-work systems: A guide for the petroleum, chemical and allied industries was used as a reference document for the design of the j5 Permit to Work application, please note that it is the responsibility of the End User to ensure that any Permit to Work system implemented using j5 meets applicable safety and regulatory requirements.

An understanding of Working with j5 Applications and introductory j5 topics is assumed.

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