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Data points allow the tracking of operator round measurements across multiple operator round plans.

The tasks in this section (#j5.Section.RoundTasks) create data points when the tasks spreadsheet is uploaded. Data points contain most of the configuration for the element in the operator round task (for example, Input Type, Flags, UoM). Task groups and tasks can be linked to assets in the tasks spreadsheet or in the j5 Asset Register.

The data point IDs (in the Identifier column) must be unique. Each data point ID can be used in multiple Operator Rounds. Any tasks spreadsheet upload that contains an existing data point ID will update that data point, which affects all rounds that contain the data point.

After uploading a task spreadsheet, the data points are shown on the Data Points tab on the operator rounds plan.

ops round data points

Click on a data point to open its detail page.

ops round data point detail