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There are two ways to install the j5 Mobile application. A user can install j5 Mobile, which will make it available to just that user. Or j5 Mobile can be installed on the Windows image, which will make it available to every user on the Windows image when they first sign in or at the next sign in, if the user account has already been created.

To install j5 Mobile on a Windows image (making it available to every user on the Windows image), you can:

  • Install j5 Mobile to the Windows image when you boot into audit mode before you deploy the image by using the DISM application provisioning commands.

  • If the Windows image has already been deployed, you should use the Add-AppxPackage cmdlet in PowerShell. If you use the DISM application provisioning commands on a deployed Windows image with active users, all of the users need to sign out of the image so that you are the only user signed in, before you run the command.

On Windows 8, to update a provisioned application, you must first remove the provisioned application and then deploy the new version of the application. The update is applied the next time each user signs in. On Windows 8.1 and newer, you no longer need to remove the provisioned application prior to deploying the new version of the provisioned applications.

For more information on how to install j5 Mobile to a Windows image, refer to Sideload Apps with DISM.