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  • Devices should have a screen size of at least 5 inches. Slightly smaller devices can be used, but these will have small visual artifacts.

  • A camera on the device is highly recommended for photo and video attachments, and camera-based barcode scanning. However, this isn't necessary to use j5 Mobile.

  • There needs to be sufficient storage space (8GB or more) if it is intended for the users to take a lot of photos and attach multiple files.

  • A sim card is not required and the device does not need to be activated on a cellular plan. A sim card is only required if you intend on using a mobile network for connectivity. WiFi only connectivity is sufficient.

  • Devices should meet the minimum RAM requirements for their operating systems. For example, 1.5GB is the minimum required for Android 5, but we recommend 2GB or more.

j5 Mobile aims to support a broad range of mobile devices (as reasonably possible). However, if there are device or manufacturer specific problems that can’t be reasonably resolved by the software, we reserve the right not to support that device.