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The j5 server must be configured to use HTTPS so the j5 Mobile application can function correctly.

  • To enable the web application features that j5 Mobile relies on, use a modern browser with a secure HTTPS connection. Using HTTPS is not just a best practice, but also a technical requirement.

  • To connect j5 Mobile to the j5 server, the HTTPS certificate on the server must be trusted by the mobile device.

    • If the certificate has a signature chain that is part of the public trust network recognized by the browser, then no action is necessary.

    • If the certificate has been signed using your local Active Directory infrastructure and isn't part of the public trust network, the full certificate chain must be installed on the mobile device.

When configuring the server connection details in j5 Mobile, enter the relevant connection details on the Server Settings configuration screen. The server setting details must match the connection and security configuration details of the upstream server.

The following settings are available on the Server Settings configuration screen:

  • j5 Host - The IP address or machine name of the j5 server.

  • oAuth Enabled? - Select this checkbox when using oAuth for authentication.