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You can view and add Maximo service requests within j5. To open the Service Requests module, click Maximo in the navigation bar and select Service Requests in the option list.

When a service request is made in Maximo, j5 won't know until it synchronizes with Maximo. The service requests can be set up to sync hourly, daily, or weekly.

To make a service request:

  1. Click Add

  2. Select the relevant operational areas.

  3. Enter the service request description (for example, Fix pump A31).

  4. Select the affected equipment.

  5. Click Save . A validation appears if the same equipment item/s was logged within the last 30 days.

    A linked IndustraForm is created after saving the service request details.

  6. Enter more information into the linked IndustraForm. The Reported Date is a required field.

  7. Click Submit. A message is sent to Maximo when the IndustraForm is submitted. The Service Request Submission Status is displayed with the service request details.