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The following table lists the configuration fields available on the ‘Maximo Server Settings’ screen:



Disable Maximo

Disable the Maximo interface and continue with setup.

SOAP user name

User name to authenticate the SOAP call. j5 encrypts this information.

SOAP password

Password to authenticate the SOAP call. j5 encrypts this information.

Number of records to fetch in a batch for full sync

A full synchronization with Maximo is done in batches to minimize network traffic, load on Maximo, and memory usage. This setting sets the batch size.

Date format for SOAP requests

The format of the date and time data that is received from the SOAP interface in the primary date fields of the asset, location, and service request web services. An example of the following format ‘%Y-%m-%d %H:%M’ would be ‘2020-01-22 10:11’.

Site Filter (eg A1,A2)

Filters assets, locations, service requests, and work orders to a specific list of SITEIDs. The SITEIDs should be separated by commas.

Customized Maximo Plugin

Extensions for a specific Maximo instance.

Certificate Bundle Filename

The path to a certificate bundle file, if the Maximo connection uses SSL with a certificate chain issued by your organization.


The number of seconds before a SOAP request to Maximo times out if no response is received.