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The j5 Operator Rounds application provides a platform for the digitization of frequently scheduled equipment inspections and process data collection work processes. This system can be implemented on its own or it can be linked to the j5 Shift Operations Management system and can be integrated to other enterprise systems of record.

The architecture of j5 Shift Operations Management is that of a web application server with an associated database, using a standard web-browser client as the primary user interface, an optional j5 Mobility application for the execution of work in a connected, or disconnected environment, and interfaces to various external systems.

Interfaces are pieces of code that facilitate the data movement between data sources and the j5 Operations Management Solutions application server. Interfaces reside on the j5 Operations Management Solutions application server, where they translate the requests issued by j5 Applications into a format consumable by the data source, and then translate the response back into the format needed by the j5 Application.